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Masterminds Montessori Preschool at Hillview

As children grow, play, and learn, in their formative preschool years, they should be given freedom to explore their interests and develop their talents.

By providing a holistic learning environment with the help of specially designed playrooms and unique enrichment programmes, Masterminds enables your child to develop a greater appreciation for the world around them and build a stronger foundation for life.

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At Masterminds, we believe that a child’s every experience has the potential to impact the rest of their lives.


By exposing children to new stimuli in a positive, guided manner, we give them opportunities to learn, practice, and develop valuable knowledge and life skills.

Embracing the concept of neuroplasticity – how new experiences can transform the brain – we go beyond the classroom to provide opportunities for children to grow and develop.

  • Unique playrooms give children the confidence to explore.

  • Montessori-based lessons empower them as active learners.

  • Modular enrichment programmes are tailored to every child’s needs.

Our Programmes



From 18 months

Developed for toddlers, our Playgroup Programme is designed with developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum that fosters independence and social skills. Our programme encourages the exploration of various kinaesthetic art activities that appeal to the little ones to be confident and independent learners.



Nursery 1 & 2

3 to 4 years old
Our Nursery Programmes are specially designed for 3 to 4 year old children. Children learn through exploration of theme providing each of them with the opportunity to problem-solve, be more expressive through working with others and creativity.


Kindergarten  1 & 2 

5 to 6 years old
Our Kindergarten Programmes are developed for 5 & 6 year old children based on thematic approach allowing kindergartners to delve into one particular subject in all curricular areas through fun-filled methods to introduce new concepts. This approach helps in children’s development by relating their basic skills to the real-world ideas.

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